CLPACC-Link Partner Association
CLPACreate Link Pack Area
CLPAConveyancing and Law of Property Act (real estate law; Singapore)
CLPAClub Loisirs et Plein Air (French: Leisure and Outdoor Club)
CLPAChild Labour Programme of Action (national plan to eliminate child labour in South Africa)
CLPAConnection-Level Performance Analysis
CLPACollaborative Law Participation Agreement (litigation negotiation)
CLPACarte de Localisation de Phénomènes d'Avalanche
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His clear vision of the future of manufacturing is expected to help guide the CLPA as it develops plans that will carry it forward into the next decade.
It's for this reason that the CLPA devotes a great deal of effort to ensuring that our partners' products have been tested to the necessary standards.
The CLPA is, according to RickVan Brimmer, its president (and also Ohio State University licensing director), a multi-faceted marketing tool for colleges and universities.
CC-Link IE (Control and Communication Link Industrial Ethernet) was developed by CLPA as the first completely integrated gigabit Ethernet network for industrial automation, defining the new threshold for open standards for Industrial Ethernet: "CC-Link IE combines the best of many existing technologies and applies them to an optical or copper based industrial network system with a redundant architecture that enables extremely high-speed and reliable data transfer between field devices and other controllers via Ethernet links.
Steve Jones of CLPA (CC-Link Partners Association) explains: "Industrial Ethernet, in essence, is the use of Ethernet as the data link layer protocol in the OSI seven layer model, with a fieldbus protocol as the application layer.