CLPDCampaign for Labour Party Democracy (UK)
CLPDCleft Lip and Palate Deformity
CLPDContinuing Local Preacher Development (UK)
CLPDCrystal Lake Park District (est. 1921; Crystal Lake, IL)
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Cross-lingual plagiarism detection (CLPD) deals with an automatic resemblance discovering and retrieving the copied words and sentences in a bilingual scenario (Barron-Cedeno, 2013b; Kent, 2010; Potthast, 2013; Omar, 2013; Vinod, 2011).
Subsequently, a CLPD was used to test causality between pre--and posttest scores of career maturity and quality of life.
As shown in Table 2, the CLPD models of pre-post scores of career maturity and two indices of quality of life (subjective well-being and school satisfaction) demonstrated an acceptable fit to the data: subjective well-being, [chi square](67, N = 224) = 103.61, p < .001, TLI = .93, CFI = .96, and RMSEA = .05 with 90% confidence interval (CI) [.03, .07]; school satisfaction, [chi square](67, N = 224) = 148.23, p < .001, TLI = .96, CFI = .97, and RMSEA = .07 with 90% CI [.06, .09],
And Mr Corbyn's passion on the issue was clear in 2004 - when he told of attending a Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) rally.
"CLPD is still here and ensuring Labour returns to something remotely resembling its grass roots, which will only be achieved if the Party membership and affiliates can have real influence on policy."
(3.) The supporting documentation for the correction of Gehrig's RBI errors consists of the relevant text accounts provided in these newspapers: New York Times (NYT), New York Herald Tribune (NYHT), New York World (NYW), Boston Globe (BG), Boston Herald (BH), Boston Post (BP), Chicago Tribune (CHT), Chicago American (CHA), Cleveland Plain Dealer(CLPD), Detroit Free Press (DFP), Detroit News (DN), Detroit Times (DT), Philadelphia Inquirer (PINQ), St.