CLPMCommand Language Program Manager
CLPMControl Loop Performance Monitoring
CLPMComp.Lang.Perl.Moderated (computer newsgroup)
CLPMCross Linked Peptide Mapping
CLPMCanalicular Liver Plasma Membrane
CLPMCentero Local Permission Manager (software)
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Continued command emphasis will continue to produce positive results, but a strong CLPM is essential to getting the most out of any state's language program.
Our previous CLPM, Sergeant Elizabeth Stegeman, arranged and coordinated OCONUS immersions, CONUS based refresher training, and built language training plans for each of the state's six primary languages.
SGT McLaughlin is currently the CLPM for the ILARNG.
Her past assignments include the CLPM for the ILARNG and a HUMINT Collector, C Co 341st MI BN.
The program the 717th Military Intelligence Battalion utilizes has the benefit of a thoroughly engaged CLPM at the battalion level.
A brigade-level CLPM can sometimes contract an English teacher if this need is identified.
A superior linguist is the product of an engaged commander, functioning CLPM, experienced noncommissioned officers, and individual discipline.
Certificates for lesson completion are available, allowing a CLPM or leader to track a linguist's progress against the ILTP.
Edwards further coordinated with the Davis Monthan CLPM to demonstrate our language materials cataloging system.
* Suggestion from DMAFB CLPM to facilitate Southwest Language Conference with area CLPMs .
PlantESP is a leading control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) platform for proactively identifying performance issues and isolating the associated root-causes.
PlantESP continues to distinguish itself from other CLPM tools with its intuitive design and actionable information.