CLPPCigarette Litter Prevention Program (Keep America Beautiful initiative)
CLPPCenter for Law and Public Policy
CLPPCivil Liberties and Public Policy Program (Hampshire College; Amherst, MA)
CLPPCommunity Level Physiological Profile (microbiology)
CLPPCentral Laboratory for Parallel Processing
CLPPCapital Leasing Pilot Project (Canada)
CLPPChild Lures Prevention Program
CLPPCommunity Listener's Permit Program
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2014) and therefore we used MicroResp[TM] to assess functional capacity, functional diversity and community-level physiological profiles (CLPPs) in response to urine addition.
Analysis of CLPP was performed using the MicroResp soil respiration system (MicroResp[TM], Macaulay Scientific Consulting Ltd., Aberdeen, UK) as described in Campbell et al (13) and Lagomarsino et al (16) to determine microbial activity via the basal respiration (BR) and the ability of the soil microbial community to metabolise a wide range of carbon sources, i.e.
The main goal of this study was to determine the potential of CLPP assay for resolving the metabolic diversity of river and lake sediments on temporal and spatial scales and to establish a close linkage between physicochemical properties of the sediments and the associated microbial functional activities.
There are two metrics designed to evaluate the accuracy among Prophet, DP, and CLPP: (1) average confidence of hidden location set [HL.sub.1], denoted as true positive, and (2) average confidence of hidden location set [HL.sub.2], denoted as false positive [16].
This 2 Mb region (chr19:5469832-7472041) contained 64 genes including CLPP according to human genome map (Annotation release 105
Cough-induced LPP (CLPP) is another way to test for stress incontinence, especially when the measurement of VLPP is impossible because not enough pressure can be produced from the Valsalva maneuver.
There are (a) the ATP-dependent proteases, namely, the LON protease and the Clp Protease Proteolytic subunit (CLPP) and the mitochondrial AAA (ATPases Associated with diverse cellular Activities) proteases of the inner mitochondrial membrane and matrix; (b) the two ATP independent proteases, the ATP23 and HtrA2; and (c) two oligopeptidases, namely, the presequence protease (PITRM1, also known as PreP) and the mitochondrial oligopeptidase M (MEP, also known as neurolysin) [53] (Figure 1).
Mientras por ejemplo los CLPP virtualmente habian sido instituciones de alta participacion masculina, los Consejos Comunales tienen una elevada participacion de las mujeres de barrios populares.
Fort Smith chosen as Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP) field test site
Called ClpP, the protein breaks down other proteins that are no longer needed, or are damaged and could be harmful to the cell--a vital natural process.