CLPPPChildhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
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Results of all children screened are sent to the CLPPP. All children with an elevated blood lead level (>10mcg/dl) are followed by a case manager within OMCFH to ensure rescreening or assessment occurs.
As part of the program, the CDC distributes a proprietary CLPPP tracking, database, and Web-reporting software to all participating agencies.
La distribucion de competencias y la disposicion a compartir funciones, explica el fomento de los Consejos Locales de Participacion y Politicas Publicas (CLPPP), y de los Consejos Comunales.
Three cases of children who spent most of their waking hours at home and had blood lead levels [is greater than] 15 [micro]g/dL were identified by the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) of Santa Cruz County, California, and referred to us for isotopic determinations of lead in household samples and in blood.
Since that time, state and local childhood lead-poisoning prevention programs (CLPPPs) have remained the principal means by which lead-poisoned children are detected and lead-paint hazards are identified and abated.