CLPXCold Land Processes Experiment
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Loss of mitochondrial peptidase Clpp leads to infertility, hearing loss plus growth retardation via accumulation of CLPX, mtDNA and inflammatory factors.
A total of 50 samples were amplified across all eight housekeeping genes (clpA, clpX, nifS, pepX, pyrG, recG, rplB, and uvrA) [7] and were submitted for sequencing.
Amplification of the eight housekeeping genes (clpA, clpX, nifS, pepX, pyrG, recG, rplB, and uvrA) was performed with primers and nested touchdown PCR conditions for clpA, nifS, pepX, pyrG, recG, and uvrA as previously described [7, 8].
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"This study has indeed identified a potential treasure trove in ClpX", Colin and Williams wrote.
As a positive control, PCR for the gene clpX, which is conserved in E.
Briefly, partial gene sequences for 6 conserved housekeeping loci (aspC, clpX, fadD, icdA, lysP, and mdh) were obtained by PCR and direct sequenced by automated dideoxy sequencing.
MLST was performed on the basis of the nucleotide sequence of 580- to 672-bp amplicons of 7 conserved housekeeping genes: aspC, clpX, fadD, icdA, lysP, mdh, and uidA.
MLST also showed ECOR37 to have distinct mdh and clpX alleles (ST-77) (Table 2) and so this strain does not appear to belong in the A2 clonal complex (ST-73).