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CLQCluster Queue
CLQClique (Commodore 64 demo group)
CLQColima, Colima, Mexico (Airport Code)
CLQConstitutional Law Quarterly
CLQComputer Literacy Questionnaire
CLQChicken Leg Quarter
CLQChampions League for Quake (gaming)
CLQCoalition Laïcité Québec (French: Quebec Secular Coalition; Quebec, Canada)
CLQCarlos Lopez Quartet (jazz quartet)
CLQOcean Quahog (FAO species code)
CLQChrist-Like Quality
CLQColby Library Quarterly (literary magazine at Colby College, Maine)
CLQContact Lenses Quarterly
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CLQ * Substantial mental effort was 7-point scale required to understand the course content of mitosis.
[10.sup.5] VERO cells were obtained from culture plates by trypsinization process described previously by Abrahamsen and Lorens (2013) and the added to a 96-well culture plate with supplemented MEM (Minimum Essential Medium Eagle, Sigma) and different concentration (0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 20 [micro]g/ml) of experimental compounds C1, C2 and ClQ. The plate was incubated at 37[degrees]C for 72 hours in a humidified, 5 % C[O.sub.2] atmosphere.
When Stevens and Barres examined mice bred to develop glaucoma, a neurodegenerative disease that kills neurons in the optic system, they found that Clq appeared long before any other detectable sign that the disease was taking hold.
Clq is a member of the complement cascade, a group of immune system proteins that calls in microglial cells to gobble up synapses or cells.
En este sentido, nuestro estudio es una aplicacion del metodo CLQ a 58 ramas pertenecientes a la industria aeroespacial, realizado a nivel estatal por motivos relativos al proposito mismo del analisis y las caracteristicas particulares del estadistico.
(CLQ, Cory Moss, SVP & Managing Director, 770-799-3249,, P.
(ii) The renal biopsy should be studied by IFM including IgG, IgA, IgM isotypes, Kappa and Tambda light chains, and C3 and Clq complement components.
Binding of Infliximab to Neonatal Fc Receptor FcRn and Complement Component Clq
2008/09, CLQ: RANGERS 0-0 Kaunas; Kaunas 2-1 RANGERS.
Bradykinin has been shown to be responsible, via activation of the bradykinin [B.sub.2] receptor, for most of the physiologic changes that cause the acute symptoms of HAE; these changes include vasodilation, increased tissue permeability, and smooth-muscle contraction." The complement pathway, however, remains important in the understanding of HAE, as complement proteins such as C4 and Clq are key to laboratory testing and diagnosis (see section entitled, "Differential diagnosis").