CLRAConsumers Legal Remedies Act (California)
CLRACopyright Levies Reform Alliance
CLRACivil Liberties Restoration Act of 2004
CLRACustom Low Rider Association (French custom motorcycle association)
CLRAClear Lake Racing Association (Friendswood, Texas)
CLRACommunal Land Rights Act of 2004 (South Africa)
CLRACross-Layer Resource Allocation
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The court further explained that while the California Supreme Court has not directly addressed King Bio, other California Supreme Court decisions had imposed an actual reliance requirement on private plaintiffs in UCL and CLRA actions, which the Ninth Circuit concluded was consistent with King Bios requirement that private plaintiffs the burden of proving that the marketing claims are false or misleading.
CLRA, 2007, "Gods in the city: intercultural and interreligious dialogue at local level", Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, Council of Europe, Strasbourg
Similarly, the CLRA §1751 states expressly:
Sobre la base de las observaciones realizadas en los humanos en el quirofano, lo aprendido en los laboratorios de experimentacion (en simuladores de plastico) y entrenamiento en vivo, en cerdos, concluimos que la CLRA es una tecnica factible, segura, que tiene el potencial de mejorar el cuidado a los pacientes.
In the absence of legislation, CLRA has, meanwhile, warned that several leading European groups plan before Christmas to file formal complaints with the Commission against certain member states.
Ford, the plaintiffs sought precisely this amount under their CLRA claim for actual damages.
5 to 1 second ONOE for MADWiFi 1 second CLRA Dynamic Miscellaneous approaches [10], [12] Adaptive
The case involving an allegation of a defective transmission in a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX was brought under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the CLRA.
Vale Inco will finance the award, which will be administered through the Ontario chapter of the CLRA.
Sudbury 2003 -- Mining and the Environment, 28th Annual CLRA Meeting, Sudbury, ON.
Causes of action in the lawsuit charged the tire manufacturer with Fraudulent Concealment, Deceptive Practices in Violation of the CLRA, Violations of the Unfair Practices Act, Negligence and Strict Liability.