CLRDChronic Lower Respiratory Disease
CLRDCriminal Law Review Division (New South Wales Department of Justice and Attorney General; Australia)
CLRDCentre for Liver Research and Diagnostics (now Centre for Stem Cells Sciences, Hyderabad; India)
CLRDClear Request Delay
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Diabetes is identified as a high vulnerability indicator in the rest of the region, along with CLRD and/or asthma in Hancock, Henderson, and Webster Counties (Table 2).
In 2014, the Northwest (Region 10) had the lowest number of potentially preventable deaths for each of the five leading causes of death except deaths from CLRD and unintentional injuries, where the lowest number occurred in New York and New Jersey (Region 2) (Table 2).
Specifically, from 2010 to 2014, age-adjusted death rates per 100,000 population for heart disease declined 6.8% from 179.1 to 167.0; for cancer, from 172.8 to 161.2 (6.7% decrease); for stroke, from 39.1 to 36.5 (6.6% decrease); and for CLRD, from 42.2 to 40.5 (4.0% decrease).
No change was observed for potentially preventable deaths from CLRD. Potentially preventable deaths from unintentional injuries increased from 2010 compared with 2014.
** Tobacco use is a risk factor for some of the deaths included in this report, such as heart disease, cancer, CLRD, and cerebrovascular diseases.
Observed deaths increased 6% for heart disease, 4% for cancer, 4% for stroke, and 8% for CLRD. These increases were smaller than would be expected to result from population growth, particularly growth in population size among older age groups during this period.
Suzuki LEAS, Reinert DJ, Reichert JM, Lima CLRd (2008) Estimativa da susceptibilidade a compactaf ao e do suporte de carga do solo com base em propriedades fisicas de solos do Rio Grande do Sul.