CLRPCollege Loan Repayment Program (US Military)
CLRPConstrained Long-Range Plan (transportation planning)
CLRPConnecticut Legal Rights Project (mentally disabled persons' legal services; Middletown, CT)
CLRPCornell Local Roads Program (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
CLRPCommand Logistics Review Program
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Virtual Machine Tool, ClRP Annals--Manufacturing, Technology, Vol.
In the CLRP lawyer survey, there was no meaningful difference in the median hours spent by hourly lawyers across tort, contract, and property cases.
El objetivo del CLRP es determinar los depositos a abrir, los clientes a asignar a cada deposito abierto y las rutas a construir para satisfacer la demanda de los clientes con el minimo costo global.
[3] han propuesto una formulacion de tres indices para el CLRP. Dicha formulacion utiliza las variables binarias [y.sub.i] = 1 si el deposito i es abierto, [f.sub.ij] = 1 si el cliente j es asignado al deposito i y [x.sub.jlk] = 1 si el arco (j, l) es visitado desde j a l en la ruta desarrollada por el vehiculo k.
Approximately 52 percent of the initial offers reported by the lawyers in the CLRP survey fell in the appropriate range, and 69 percent of the reported initial demands fell into the reciprocal appropriate range.
ABA/ABF study and the CLRP study included information about respondent
Nor do the CLRP data permit Kritzer to explore the changing role of civil litigation in American society.
(29.) See extant studies reporting results from the CLRP study in
(66) For example, the Civil Litigation Research Project ("CLRP") collected docket, case file, and interview data on over 1600 civil lawsuits terminated in 1978 in 5 federal and 5 state trial courts.