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CLRTContinuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
CLRTCertified Laser Repair Technician (certification)
CLRTCommand Logistics Review Team
CLRTCranial Laser Release Technique
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Cette rencontre s'est tenus en pr[euro]u[c]sence des ambassadeurs des pays membres du CLRT, de repr[euro]u[c]sentants, respectivement, de la Commission de l'Union Africaine, de la Banque islamique de d[euro]u[c]veloppement (BID) et de la Banque arabe pour le d[euro]u[c]veloppement [euro]u[c]conomique en Afrique (BADEA).
Calculation of PPP Value for Money ($Net Present Value, millions) Durham Chief Courthouse Peguis Trail Public Public Sector Sector Comparator PPP Comparator PPP Base Costs (CapEx/OpEx) 247 334 105.5 127.9 Transaction/Admin Costs 8 17 6.2 3.5 Financing Cost Premium N/A N/A N/A N/A Revenue N/A N/A N/A N/A Risk-Free Project Cost 255 351 110.98 131.34 Retained Risk By Government 157 25 67.8 16.4 Risk Adjusted Project Cost 412 376 178.78 147.8 Canada Line Public Sector Comparator PPP Base Costs (CapEx/OpEx) 1,822 1959 Transaction/Admin Costs 98 120 Financing Cost Premium 0 130 Revenue (433) (581) Risk-Free Project Cost 1,487 1,628 Retained Risk By Government 263 30 Risk Adjusted Project Cost 1,750 1,658 Sources: CLRT 2006; Infrastructure Ontario 2007a; Deloitte and Touche 2011.
The CLRT and the score test statistics were performed for a variance shift model for the first observation of each simulated data and 95th percentiles from the empirical distribution of each test statistics were used as threshold values for the test statistics observed on the original data set The empirical probability of type I errors for thresholds derived from the empirical distribution under the null hypothesis are calculated for the corrected likelihood ratio and score test statistics for [alpha] = 0.05 (Tables 1, 2, and 3).
CLRT, when used appropriately, reduces the incidence of atelectasis, nosocomial pneumonia, time on the mechanical ventilator and length of stay in an ICU.
The DM content of all supplements was similar (885-895 g/kg fresh weight), and the N contents of RTPP, LLRT, CLRT and MLRT supplemental diets were quite similar (19.9-21.4 g/kg DM).
(OTC BB: CLRT) is the first customer to have integrated the new Extreme Networks modules into its existing Ethernet network deployment as part of its drive to offer next generation broadband connectivity for residential communities, hotels and healthcare facilities.
In addition, public outreach efforts by the Canada Line's publicly-owned project management corporation (originally called RAVCO, then later Canada Line Rapid Transit, or CLRT) emphasized environmental concerns.
Le ministre a egalement assure, hier, a Alger, dans un point de presse en marge de la 60e session du Comite de liaison de la route transsaharienne (CLRT), que le troncon vers la Tunisie est acheve ainsi que celui qui relie le sud de l'Algerie a Lagos, au Nigeria.
Cranial Laser Release Technique (CLRT) is based upon a system of cranial pathways that Dr.
[beaucoup moins que]Ce qui a ete fait nous pousse et nous encourage a faire plus car ce projet est enfin devenu exploitable et benefique pour toute la region[beaucoup plus grand que], a declare le ministre lors de son intervention a l'ouverture du stage de formation au profit des ingenieurs ressortissants des pays membres du comite de liaison de la route transsaharienne (CLRT).
14 December 2009 - US-based oncology diagnostics services company Clarient Inc (NASDAQ: CLRT) and Israel- headquartered medical devices company BioView Ltd (TASE: BIOV) today jointly announced that they will collaborate on studies to validate the clinical utility of a non-invasive test for the early detection of non-small cell lung cancer.
Recently, RAVCO has changed its name to Canada Line Rapid Transit, or CLRT. Although it is a subsidiary of the GVTA, CLRT also has representatives on its board, who have been nominated by the province (described as independent members), the federal government, the Vancouver International Airport Authority (which has contributed funding to the project) and the two cities of Richmond and Vancouver.