CLSBContinuous Linked Settlement Bank (New York, NY)
CLSBCayuga Lake Scenic Byway (New York)
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Central banks of other major industrialized nations are expected to follow the BOJ in allowing the CLSB to open accounts at their banks to allow banks participating in the CLSB to settle foreign exchange transactions around the clock to reduce time difference-induced risks.
The CLSB is expected to get off to a start as early as the fall of 1999 as the founding banks were concerned about the risk of time differences over settlements of foreign exchange transactions as in a 1974 case involving a U.
The major building projects include the CLSB, an expansion in ambulatory capacity, and research.
The adjacent Schnitzer campus, also on the waterfront, is being developed and will house the CLSB.
The state, the Oregon University System and the Regional Transit Authority recently contributed $90 million to support the construction of the CLSB.