CLSBContinuous Linked Settlement Bank (New York, NY)
CLSBCayuga Lake Scenic Byway (New York)
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The state, the Oregon University System and the Regional Transit Authority contributed $90 million to support the construction of the CLSB. In addition, the state has provided a scholarship fund for 21 students who commit to practicing in rural or other underserved areas after graduation.
The Apps will be designed to fully integrate with CLSB branding, creating an effective communication tool for both learning content and news.
Seven major Japanese commercial banks and Norinchukin Bank, the central bank for agricultural financial institutions in Japan, are among the founding banks of the CLSB.
Central banks of other major industrialized nations are expected to follow the BOJ in allowing the CLSB to open accounts at their banks to allow banks participating in the CLSB to settle foreign exchange transactions around the clock to reduce time difference-induced risks.
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Chelyabinsk electricity sales company (CLSB, CLSBP) officially rejected the previously published information that the cut-off date for receiving dividends for 2010 and 1H 2011 was January, 11 2011.
The BoD of Chelyabinsk electricity sales company (CLSB, CLSBP) recommended the shareholders to approve dividends of R0.12159 (approx.
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