CLSDCornwall-Lebanon School District (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
CLSDCertified Lodging Security Director (American Hotel & Motel Association)
CLSDCraniolenticulosutural Dysplasia
CLSDClay, Some Sand (lithological term)
CLSDColor Large Screen Display
CLSDClutch Limited Slip Differential
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attack leaves of cassava causing severe defoliation, heavy yield losses, drastic changes in tuber quality or even crop failure and the damage caused by ACMD and CLSD, also, diminishes the photosynthetic capacity of cassava, leading to drastic reduction of carbohydrate content in tubers and drastic carbohydrate depletion and is known to cause serious debilities and death of plants with heavy yield reduction, as well as lowers AM root colonization known to be stimulated by carbon supply host factors (Ayanru and Sharma, 1984-1985).
Monday Osasah, programme officer of CLSD explained the basis for the grant at the weekend in Abuja.
Murphy, CPP, CLSD (certified lodging security director), is director of loss prevention services for Marriott International, Inc.