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CLSMConfocal Laser Scanning Microscope
CLSMControlled Low-Strength Material
CLSMConfocal Laser Scanning Fluorescence Microscopy
CLSMConical Log Spiral Mobile
CLSMCommittee of Lunacy and Surreal Madness (band)
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0% arginine, a high cleaning calcium carbonate and sodium monofluorophosphate dentifrice was highly effective in occluding dentin tubules, confirming the results of the CLSM.
Then the specimens were observed under CLSM with absorbance wavelength of 543 nm for AO (green) and 488 nm for EB (red) dyes under 200 magnification.
Specimens for CLSM were stained by applying l drop of Texas Red (0.
Nutrients and light effects on stream biofilms: a combined assessment with CLSM, structural and functional parameters.
Comparison of current and new design principles, use of native backfills, CLSM, cost comparisons, and sustainability issues for large diameter pipe installations.
The primary advantage of CLSM is its ability to consume large volume of waste materials which will contribute to sustainability.
CLSM encompasses the entire procurement value chain from initial sourcing and supplier selection through order and receipt, and then completing the loop with contract compliance and performance management.
12 However, the need for minimal tissue AF is more critical to the success of colocalization studies using CLSM than to those using standard fluorescence microscopy, because fluorescence signals are detected using colorblind photomultiplier tubes with CLSM but color-sensitive charge-coupled device cameras are used with standard fluorescence microscopy.
Some preliminary observation on subsurface damage on experimental and archaeological quartz tools using CLSM and Dye.
CLSM settings were calibrated using tissue sections processed as above, but without the addition of probe, in order to compensate for autofluorescence.