CLSMFCommunity Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. (nonprofit law firm; Florida)
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An operations position was created to help collect, track and analyze data in an effort to keep CLSMF ahead of the curve.
McNeal works with the staff at CLSMF to recruit lawyers willing to do pro bono work, and he actively participates in the agency's fundraising efforts.
Initiated seven years ago by Rick Kolodinsky, a former CLSMF managing attorney, the award--a plaque and a $2,500 check--is presented each year during the Volusia County Bar Association and the Pro Bono Program of Mid-Florida (a project of CLSMF) Pro Bono Awards Reception celebrating volunteer attorneys who serve low-income people.
The winner is recognized each year during the Volusia County Bar Association and CLSMF Pro Bono Awards Ceremony celebrating volunteers who serve low-income people.
CLSMF Executive Director Bill Abbuehl, who nominated Andrews for the award, said, "She has spent hundreds of hours testing and fine-tuning what is now a state-of-the-art case management and time-keeping system imperative to bringing us into the 21st century.
The leadership of the two new programs will be: Bill Abbuehl, executive director of CLSMF, who can be reached at (321) 255-6573, and Glenn Schuman, executive director of LACCF, who can be reached at (352) 629-0105.