CLSSClosed Life Support System
CLSSCombat Logistic Support Squadron (US DoD)
CLSSClosed Center Load Sensing System
CLSSCertified Lodging Security Supervisor
CLSSClandestine Laboratory Seizure System (US DOJ)
CLSSCombat Logistics Support System
CLSSCertified Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt exam)
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Energy of activation (Ea) was calculated for each step of degradation for SS and CLSS.
CLSS 4 Trust 2010 Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd Unsecured loan receivables from Rockman Industries Ltd Series B PTCs 785.
The tail cones were swapped at this time by a combined effort of the 416 FMS and another crew from the 2952 CLSS.
Travis Hansen, chief of maintenance in the 419th CLSS.
The variable flow hydraulic pump and the CLSS circuit ensure the right amount of oil is used in maintaining high operating pressure.
With the large volume of third quarter awards and the full amount of CLSS in backlog, the company's backlog of business at the end of third quarter was a record $7.
So far, houses acquired under CLSS attracted effective GST rate of 18% (effective GST rate of 12% after deducting value of land).
It has also approved of increasing the carpet area in the MIG I category of CLSS from the existing 90 square metre to "up to 120 square metre" and increasing the carpet area in respect of MIG II category of CLSS from the existing 110 square metre to "up to 150 square metre".
About 1000 demand has been already registered in the CLSS component of PMAY(U) in Goa.
Under CLSS, NHB has already disbursed over 1000 Cr till date.