CLSSACooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement
CLSSACooperative Logistics Supply Support Agreement
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The figure below provides additional detail about DRP and CLSSA FMS cases.
Annually, MISIL processes about 120,000 transactions valued at approximately $4 billion, primarily under initial spares, CLSSA or DRP cases.
The final and best method of obtaining spares support from the United States is the use of the Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Agreement (CLSSA).
The main advantage of CLSSA for a customer is that it allows support for the purchaser on an equal basis with U.S.
The obvious benefit of the FMS customer using CLSSA is the consolidated larger purchase, resulting in lower per unit cost for the customer.
If the end item is standard to the DOD inventory then getting a CLSSA or a blanket order spares case established shouldn't be a problem.
Robinson from DSCA/P2 updated the attendees with a CLSSA presentation.
It enhances a FMS customer's CLSSA program by permitting an FMS customer to requisition repairable components from the U.S.
** Reiterated CLSSA progress payment reporting policy.
The directorate's myriad missions include security assistance systems management and analysis; transportation policy; publications management; cooperative logistics supply support arrangement (CLSSA) program guidance; Defense Logistics Agency liaison; system and procedures development; product assurance management and execution; customer service; case preparation, management and closeout oversight; security assistance liaison officer management; and logistics staff functions.
* The CLSSA is the avenue used by the country to "buy-into" the U.S.
Over the past three years, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) statistics show non-Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement (CLSSA) follow-on support requisitioning has dropped by 50 percent.