CLSUCentral Luzon State University
CLSUCooperating Library Service Unit
CLSUCOMSEC Logistics Support Unit
CLSUCommunications Security Logistics Support Unit
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The exhibits cum technology fair will be open to the public on July 25 to be held at the CLSU Multipurpose Gymnasium.
The technology, which sought to aid veterinary practitioners and poultry raisers in detecting NDV, was funded by the BAR in a form of a research grant which CLSU won during the 27th National Research Symposium.
The authors would like to give thanks to the CLSU Hydroponics Team under the supervision of Dr.
Chasing his education and running for finish lines found a home in CLSU, which gave him an athletic scholarship.
In the early 1970s, the CLSU Research and Development Center started the research project aimed at developing a package of technology for the culture and production of sunflower suited for Philippine conditions.
Cirilo, 18, is a business administration sophomore at Central Luzon State University and the opinion editor of its official student publication, CLSU Collegian.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree from CLSU but ended up as a programmer-technician.
It all began when Tereso Abella-president of CLSU and former director of Freshwater Aquaculture Center-tasted shrimp ice cream in Taiwan.
The Sunday processions, after the morning mass, would be held along the main roads of the CLSU campus, he added.
A native of Narvacan, Ilocos Sur province, Sevilleja graduated from CLSU with a degree in agriculture in 1973.
We are exploring the use of carotenoid pigments found in plants to enhance the pigmentation in the skin of the fish, said Abella, also CLSU vice president for academic affairs.
The CLSU campus, which was set up as the government's agricultural school in 1907, has become a must-see in the city.