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CLTCommunity Land Trust
CLTConsolidação das Leis do Trabalho (Brazil)
CLTCentral Limit Theorem (probability theory)
CLTCharitable Lead Trust
CLTCommunicative Language Teaching
CLTCitizens for Limited Taxation (est. 1974; Massachusetts)
CLTCertified Landscape Technician
CLTCertified Lymphedema Therapist
CLTChien Loup Tchécoslovaque (French: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)
CLTCanadian Learning Television
CLTCentral Location Test
CLTCompagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télédiffusion (French: Luxembourg Television Broadcasting Company)
CLTClinical Laboratory Technologist
CLTCentre for Language Technology (various countries)
CLTCorporate Leadership Team
CLTCompetitive Landscaping Tool (iSuppli)
CLTClassical Laminate Theory
CLTCairo Local Time (GMT+0200)
CLTCasualty Liaison Team (US Army)
CLTCued Language Transliterator
CLTContainer Load Trailer
CLTCalculated Landing Time
CLTCool Like That
CLTCertificate of Land Transfer
CLTCommon Leader Training
CLTCompagnie Ligérienne de Transport (French transport company)
CLTCombine Like Terms (algebra)
CLTCommunications Line Terminal
CLTClosed Loop Training (speech synthesis)
CLTClub de Loisirs de Tourlaville (French: Tourlaville Leisure Club; Tourlaville, France)
CLTCompagnie Lyonnaise de Tramways (French tramway company)
CLTChristian Love Test
CLTCooperative Learning Techniques
CLTCellular Logistics Team
CLTClosed Loop Test
CLTStimpson's Surf Clam (FAO species code)
CLTcombat lasing team (US DoD)
CLTCultures, Langues, Textes (French: Cultures, Languages, Texts)
CLTLight Cruiser Training
CLTContracted Loaded Tip (marine propeller)
CLTCross-Language Transfer
CLTCenter for Law and Technology
CLTCharlotte, NC, USA - Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (Airport Code)
CLTCoordination des Lycées de Toulouse (French: Coordination of High Schools in Toulouse; Toulouse, France)
CLTCivic Little Theatre (now Civic Theatre of Allentown, Pennsylvania)
CLTCharge Listing
CLTConditional Land Transfer
CLTCustomer Learning Terminal (aka: Kiosk)
CLTComponent-Level Testing (electronics)
CLTCouncil on Law Enforcement Education and Training (Oklahoma)
CLTCommand Level Testing (US Navy)
CLTCulture et Loisirs à Thorigny (French: Thorigny Culture and Leisure; Thorigny-sur-Marne, France)
CLTComprehensive Look Team (US Army)
CLTChinese Language Teaching
CLTCertified Laser Technician
CLTCompany Landing Team (US Marine Corps)
CLTComplexity Leadership Theory
CLTCurrently Listening To (chat)
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Advocates say CLT offers the strength of the traditional high-rise materials of concrete and steel, but at less cost.
Alas, the UK currently imports all its CLT but I'm working hard to get a CLT plant up and running in the UK providing good quality jobs.
CLT is also the second-largest hub of the airline with over 11,000 employees.
Both enhanced strategies against OSEC and CLT will be piloted in two regions, namely: the National Capital Region (NCR) and Central Visayas (Region 7).
I normally recommend an eight-to ten-year term for the CLT.
CLT offers faster installation times because the assembly isn't as complex or involved as conventional materials.
This acquisition will put CLT International in a position to provide retailers with solutions at very affordable prices, it said.
Results: Here we demonstrated that CLT exhibited inhibition on cancer cell induced angiogenesis in vivo, and direct inhibited migration and invasion of endothelial cells in vitro.
Theresa McDermott, a Granby resident and CLT Board Member, said: "We have fought hard to retain the remaining Victorian terraces in the Granby Triangle and we have received support from many organisations and individuals.
The next stage is CLT with the help of pneumatic lithotripter on stents with lower coil encrustations.
CROSS-LAMINATED TIMBER CLT is an engineered timber product that is used increasingly to build the walls and floors of buildings.
The study's focus is, thus, on how teachers in Masvingo (and the whole of Zimbabwe) conceptualise CLT "which is in current fashion" (Widdowson, 1991:160), an approach which "has been put forth around the world as the new and innovative way to teach English as a second or foreign language" (Savignon, 2002:3).