CLTECoefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (plastics property)
CLTECenter for Learning and Teaching Excellence
CLTECost and Lead Time Estimate
CLTEChinese Language Teacher Education (Freeman Foundation; Hawaii)
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The CLTE was determined using the guidelines for determination of the CLTE of plastic lumber (ASTM D6341-98, 1999).
CLTE along the crystallographic a-axis is the highest, whereas CLTE along the crystallographic c-axis is the lowest (1), (26), (27).
can also be defined as the one that maximizes the CLTE for a given value of p:
The uniform CLTE of unfilled PU/urea RIM polymer reflects the amorphous characteristic of this material.
announced the availability of CLTE-AT, the latest addition to the CLTE product line.
Its limiting PV is 150,000 psi x fpm and its CLTE is 40% lower than previous products.
The superb surface aesthetics, very low CLTE thermal expansion values and excellent paint adherence were among the other key determinants in choosing this material.
CLTE-XT represents the eXtended Technology of the existing CLTE product line.
Dow Automotive R&D also reported on its At-Press TPO blending system, which allows a route to both cost savings and flexibility to alter shrinkage, CLTE, stiffness, toughness, and heat resistance.
The 5100 Series of glass-filled compounds provides stiffness, abrasion and impact resistance, and low CLTE.
There was also news in materials--including the first clear oriented PS for freezer packaging and a next-generation TPO resin with high melt strength and ultra-low CLTE.
Nyglos[R] 4W and Nyad[R] 5000 Wollastocoat[R] are well suited for LCD TV and laptop computer housings, providing a balance of stiffness, impact resistance, and creep resistance, along with very low CLTE, compared with other minerals, says Nyco.