CLTPConnectionless Transport Protocol
CLTPCertified Land Title Professional
CLTPCorporate Loan Trading Platform
CLTPCurrent Licensed Thermal Power (nuclear)
CLTPCommunity Library Training Program (Canada)
CLTPCross-Cultural Leadership Training Program (Northwest Baptist Seminary; Canada)
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They combined CLTP and color into a joint color-CLTP histogram and used the new and distinctive target representation to perform mean-shift tracking.
Pretraining and post-training measures for 60 students in grades 7 through 12 who participated in the program showed that, after the program, the CLTP students had slightly higher mean scores in perceived competence, or self-efficacy, on the shortened 15-item Chinese version of the Roets Rating Scale for Leadership (RSL; Roets, 1997).
The CLTP is a university-based leadership program for secondary gifted students who had high IQ scores, outstanding performances in school, or specific talents in creative areas or leadership.