CLTSCommunity Led Total Sanitation
CLTSConnectionless-Mode Transport Service
CLTSConnectionless Transport Service
CLTSChildren's Long-Term Support (Wisconsin)
CLTSClear Task Switch Flag
CLTSCentre Lorrain des Technologies de la Santé (French: Lorrain Center of Health Technologies; Lorraine, France)
CLTSConcordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada)
CLTSCanadian Livestock Tracking System (Canada)
CLTSContractor/Combined Life Time Support
CLTSCommunity Living Temiskaming South (Haileybury, Ontario, Canada)
CLTSCis-Lunar Transportation System
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Over the 15-month period of an on-going contract with certified CLTS staff, Open Defecation-Free status has been achieved by 69 communities in Nampula Province.
But the effectiveness of CLTS largely depends on the skill of the facilitator, he adds.
The CLTS will help in addressing the issues of disease of defective sanitation as well as Luck of awareness
In CLTS the activities includes practical demonstration to trace the effects and causes of diseases of
As a statewide mandatory program, CLTS encompasses rural and Native American communities, as well as the State's urban population.
AMERIGROUP is one of two care management organizations chosen to participate in New Mexico's CLTS program.
CLTS transfers the responsibility for depot sustainment to the prime contractor and the original equipment manufacturers.
scaled down and passed up, and A CLTS approach is important to facilitate usage of sustainable latrines.
models for populations in chronic humanitarian crisis;Provide reliable and sustained access to environmental sanitation and sustained public health promotion with focus on CLTS approaches, capacity building of waste management institutions, and in schools, health centres, markets, nutrition centres, IDPs and vulnerable host communities