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CLUCKCalgary Liberated Urban Chicken Klub (Canada)
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Little John clucked his teeth drolly at this sight.
Overhead, early rising mallards made the soft "dug-a, dug-a, dug-a" chuckle and "ka, ka, kuk" clucks. Mother Nature's classroom was in session, and every call you need to bring mallards and other puddlers to your decoys was being demonstrated, right from the duck's mouth.
"You want a dumb cluck like me to sit there and listen to people.
"It has been a tough journey to get to this day, but it was a very proud group of great-grandchildren who presented this cheque for Arthur and their Grandma Cluck, so helping to achieve a little of mum's dream."
"Yet the guy conducting the interview spent 10 minutes trying to persuade me to cluck."
And instead of singing the usual lyrics, they sang their hearts out by saying 'cluck' throughout the song.'
Other traders include a fish and chip vendor, sushi specialist Sushi Me Rollin' which has been launched by Kurt Toulson, former head chef of Avieka; foodie firm Cluck Cluck Moo; Uncaptive - Ethical Clothing Co which will sell a range of goods produced in a fair, cruelty-free way; wine bar Fourteen Drops; comic book themed bubble tea makers Manhua Cha and American BBQ specialists Texas Smoker.
The machined acrylic barrel and semi-broke-in guts let you cluck with speed, comeback call with volume and moan like a boss honker.
cluck, the first product from OrbSense Technologies, is a patent-pending kitchen temperature sensor and timer which works with the pots and pans you already own.
Dallas incumbent Mayor Mike Rawlings won in a landslide, taking 73 percent of the vote, while in Arlington Jeff Williams will be the next mayor after beating incumbent Robert Cluck - the first time that's happened in 64 years.
produced by James Lassiter, Will Cluck, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Caleeb Pinkett, Shawn "Jay Z" Carter, Laurence "Jay" Brown, Tyran Smith.
During your conversation with the birds, only cluck and plain yelp, thus giving the impression that you are alone and looking for companionship.