CLUDComité de Lutte contre la Douleur (French: Committee for the Fight against Pain)
CLUDClayoquot Land Use Decision (British Columbia, Canada)
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Kuhnla, who lived in Wantagh, was staying with at least two friends at the Clud Med Turkoise hotel in Providenciales, one of the most popular islands of the archipelago.
Wedi mynd i chwilio, mi welais fod dryw bach wedi bod wrthi'n brysur yn gwneud nyth bach clud iddo'i hun gan ddefnyddio hen nyth y wennol fel sail.
So I find the word comes originally from Old English clud meaning 'lump or clod of earth,' and thence to cloud, used occasionally, as in this case, as a descriptive place name.
In yesterday's other hearings, Geoff Wragg was fined pounds 600 and Northern Desert disqualified after testing positive for naproxen after the EBF Racegoers Clud Classified Stakes in August last year.
Country Clud Road, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004 and Directorate of Environment, Cultural Resources Branch, 515 Pershing Road, Fort Bliss, Texas 79916
Clud is much rarer in charters than one would have guessed from literary texts; there is only one, an inland stanclud whose referent is not identified in NE Somerset S508(iii).
Clud directors are begining to realize stress management, nutrition and spritiality make an important contribution to total well-being.
Term hanesyddol yw'r Hen Ogledd i ddisgrifiio'r ardal rhwng ucheldir yr Alban a swydd Caerhirfryn yn y 500 mlynedd wedi Oes y Rhufeiniaid, gyda theyrnasoedd megis Rheged, y Gododdin ac Ystrad Clud.
OS ydych chi'n bwriadu bwyta allan neu gael pryd clud yn y ty i ddathlu Diwrnod Sant Ffolant, cofiwch edrych ar y Sgor Hylendid Bwyd cyn dewis ble i fwyta.