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CLUEComprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (insurance)
CLUEColorado Linux Users
CLUECanadian Linux Users Exchange (computing)
CLUEClaim Loss Underwriting Exchange (California)
CLUECorrection of Local Usage Errors (telephony)
CLUEComprehensive Look at Unit Effectiveness
CLUEClinical Look-Up Engine (database of medical information, England)
References in classic literature ?
All this seems strange to you," continued Holmes, "because you failed at the beginning of the inquiry to grasp the importance of the single real clue which was presented to you.
I tried to get him to talk about the past few days, for any clue to his thoughts would be of immense help to me, but he would not rise.
I rang for the tea, and the waiter, reappearing with his magic clue, brought in by degrees some fifty adjuncts to that refreshment but of tea not a glimpse.
It will amount to this: If we have the clue you talk about, I fit out a ship in Bristol dock, and take you and Hawkins here along, and I'll have that treasure if I search a year.
Since then every year upon the same date there has always appeared a similar box, containing a similar pearl, without any clue as to the sender.
Again she dipped in the drawer, seeking the clue among the cherished fragments of her mother's hidden soul.
This must not be, if the clue that leads through the windings of the story is to remain from end to end untangled in my hands.
There is nothing to be learned from that rhyme," said Sancho, "unless by that clue there's in it, one may draw out the ball of the whole matter.
It's quite on the cards, sir," he said, "that you have put the clue into our hands.
Her life with Stephen could have no sacredness; she must forever sink and wander vaguely, driven by uncertain impulse; for she had let go the clue of life,--that clue which once in the far-off years her young need had clutched so strongly.
Glaring headlines, sandwiched biographies of every member of the household, subtle innuendoes, the usual familiar tag about the police having a clue.
A significant illustration of the fact, again and again repeated in this book, that the skeleton of the whale furnishes but little clue to the shape of his fully invested body.