CLUICenter for Land Use Interpretation
CLUICommand Line User Interface (Nortel)
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In addition to its West Coast headquarters, CLUI has an office in upstate New York and is currently branching out around the country through its American Land Museum project, a network of far-flung "landscape exhibition sites" designed to serve as bases for an ongoing interpretive project on the distinctiveness of regional land-use patterns, from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Plains breadbasket.
JK: I've always thought this was the most interesting conceptual question related to Land art, and it's one that really seems to be at the heart of what CLUI does.
Maybe CLUI has found a new territory in which to operate, another kind of frontier, because they have created a fuzzy space running parallel to mainstream art (yes, we are all pretty much mainstream) that is still open for invention.
In spite of such Ruskinian pronouncements, CLUI is not always so "hands-on.
As we head out on the eastbound 10 freeway, CLUI cofounder Matthew Coolidge delivers some opening remarks over the bus's PA system.