CLUSCluster (Allocation Unit)
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Dua said that he has discussed this matter with prominent lawyer Prashant Bhushan and will be filing a PIL in the SC to challenge CLUs.
The recent judgment of Punjab and Haryana High Court pertaining to relaxation of taking Change of Land Use ( CLU) certificate could also affect eco- fragile atmosphere in the mountain range.
To achieve this, the two PSO variants were hybridized with the proposed collective local unimodal search (CLUS) technique which takes advantage of their global search abilities to do some neighbourhood search for better results.
Funded with Special Defense Acquisition Funds, the CLUs will be delivered to the US Army beginning October 2014.
"This contract is important to the Javelin program because the CLU retrofit business keeps our production line warm through mid-2015."
Hydrodistillation of the dry aerial parts of Ruta montana (Clus.) L.
The results were summarized in Table 3, which showed that essential oil extracted from Ruta montana (Clus.) L.
I work in the Javelin direct support shop at Ft Lewis where we often see damaged command launch units (CLU) because they are not kept in their protective cases.
The ChFC often is associated with the chartered life underwriter (CLU) designation, also granted by the American College.
Once candidates earn ChFC designations, they can earn CLU designations by passing three additional required courses.
Gascon poet-musician and the earliest exponent of the trobar clus, an allusive and deliberately obscure poetic style in Provencal.
Interactive announces the launch of two new Collaborative Learning Units (CLU) for grades 6 through 12, titled Nutrition Counselor and The Great Global Warming Debate (which will be available in March 2001).