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CLUTCHComputer Literacy Understanding Through Community History (UK; parental education project club)
CLUTCHCoalition of Lanao del Norte Utility Transport for Change, Inc. (Ilgian City, Philippines)
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We that go down to the chattris [the big umbrellas above the burning-ghats where the priests take their last dues] clutch hard at the bearers of the chattis [water-jars - young folk full of the pride of life, she meant; but the pun is clumsy].
He hung on with the convulsive clutch of instinct until the passage lurched down ahead.
He wanted to get somewhere that would fix him, that he needn't clutch.
The limit of resistance was reached, and she had sunk back helpless within the clutch of inescapable anguish.
What should I do-- how should I act now, this very day, if I could clutch my own pain, and compel it to silence, and think of those three?
Plummet-like he fell for a thousand feet and then the storm seized him in its giant clutch and bore him far aloft again.
As the brute leaped past Tarzan to clutch his victim, the ape-man gave one superhuman wrench at the thongs that held him.
He reached for me with his long arm, and his nails tore my flesh as I leaped back from the clutch and gained the comparative safety of the side-wall.
Jerry's first intimation of Borckman's arrival was a cruel and painful clutch on his flank and groin that made him cry out in pain and whirl around.
To clutch at Tranter and to seize him by the hair was the work of a few seconds, but to hold his head above water and to make their way out of the current was another matter.
Kelly cried, stepping between me and the ladder, his right hand shaped into a veritable strangler's clutch.
He tried to clutch at the edge of the table, dropped the revolver, staggered, and sat down on the ground, looking about him in astonishment.