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CLUTCHComputer Literacy Understanding Through Community History (UK; parental education project club)
CLUTCHCoalition of Lanao del Norte Utility Transport for Change, Inc. (Ilgian City, Philippines)
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The banth slipped and clutched frantically at the deck.
He knew only the blind desire to destroy, shook Joe in the clinches as a terrier might a rat, strained and struggled for freedom of body and arms, and all the while Joe calmly clutched and held on.
What delight could there be for Joe in that brutal surging and straining of bodies, those fierce clutches, fiercer blows, and terrible hurts?
He was standing in front of him, his paddle in one hand, asking Baynes where he was hit when there was another shot from shore and the Negro pitched head long overboard, his paddle still clutched in his dead fingers--shot through the forehead.
`In a moment I was clutched by several hands, and there was no mistaking that they were trying to haul me back.
He struck the edge of the door of the opposite terminus of the rocky tunnel with his knees, slipped backward, clutched desperately for a moment, and at last hung half within and half without the opening; but he was safe.
He wished that Mugambi, Sheeta, Akut, and the balance of the pack were with him, for he realized that single-handed it would be no child's play to bring Jane safely from the clutches of two such scoundrels as Rokoff and the wily M'ganwazam.
Still clutched in her hand was the revolver she had snatched from Rokoff's belt, but that could contain at most not over six cartridges--not enough to furnish her with food and protection both on the long journey to the sea.
However, she had no intention of falling again into the man's clutches. She would rather die at once than that that should happen to her.
At the last long-house below the gorge, the head of which had witnessed Virginia Maxon's escape from the clutches of Ninaka and Barunda, the searching party was forced to stop owing to a sudden attack of fever which had prostrated the professor.
But for that Virginia would still be in his clutches and by this time he would have been beyond all hope of capture.
She clutched Granet's arm and made him take her place.