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CM-1Crystal Mall 1 (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
CM-1Confronting Membranes Type 1 (pathology)
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36 cm-1 (representing deacetylated group) was also shifted to 1541.
We believe that CM-1 could be interpreted as symptomatic in this patient.
While CM-1 and CH seemed as unrelated diseases, determining the actual cause of CH is obviously difficult when these two pathological processes co-occur.
The methyl deformation band at 1,261 cm-1 is strong and sharp, and the methyl rock with contribution from the Si-C stretch at 798 [cm.
2) showed characteristic bands at 3300 cm-1 (OH stretch broad, COOH), 3069.
The characteristic m- substituted peak (1764 cm-1) of Diacerein was found in all physical mixtures at 1735- 1765 cm-1.
IR spectra of the product of diazotization of compounds 2a-h did not show neither vibrational bands at 3450 and 3300 cm-1 belonging to their NHNH2 moieties of procursors nor vibrational band at around 2000 cm-1 due to azide group of reactive intermediates 3a-h.