CM-4Crystal Mall 4 (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
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We've taken the best of recoverable, high-capacity storage -- which was once reserved for large organizations -- and made it easy-to-use and cost-effective in the Sabio CM-4.
Flexible, Simple Design Makes the Sabio CM-4 Easy to Use
Designed from the ground up to be flexible as well as easy to use, upgrade and service, the Sabio CM-4 comes with a simple web browser interface for multiple setup and configuration options.
VARs will appreciate that software loaded on the Sabio CM-4 is field-upgradeable thanks to the system's USB 2.
In addition to an intuitive and streamlined user experience, the Sabio CM-4 has taken what is thought of as a complex, high-end storage method -- RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) -- and made it simple.
Delivering the latest industry-leading technology for uncompromised performance, the Sabio CM-4 uses an Intel XScale(R) IOP321 processor @ 400MHz, which enables fast data throughput in a tightly integrated environment.
Network storage systems based on Intel building blocks, such as the Sabio CM-4, are designed to deliver strong data protection and fast access to data on demand," said Mike Wall, general manager, Intel Storage Group Marketing.