CM10Counting Method Times 10
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These percentages were calculated according to the peak intensities measured at m/z values of 10 444 (S100A12), 10 835 (S100A8), 13 272 (S100A9), and 12 688 (S100A9 *) on CM10 arrays, and at m/z values of 11 680 (SAA), 11 528 (SAA-R), and 11 438 (SAA-RS) on IMAC-[Cu.
CM15 Molded DYAD CM10 Molded CM5 Molded Mini DYAD Ultra-Mini DYAD Switching Voltage 200VDC 200VDC 175VDC Switching Current 0.
Ultrathin sections were cut with a Supernova ultramicrotome (Reickert Jung, Vienna, Austria), mounted on copper grids, stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate and then observed and photographed with a Philips CM10 transmission electron microscope (TEM; Philips Scientifics, Eindhoven, The Netherlands).
Ultrathin sections (80 nm) were mounted on gold grids (Merck Eurolab, Dietlikon, Switzerland), contrasted with uranyl acetate dihydrate (Fluka, Buchs, Switzerland) and lead citrate (lead nitrate and tri-natrium dehydrate, Merck Eurolab), and analyzed with a Philips (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) CM10 electron microscope.
We had talked a lot about that when I got hired; because as the CM10 role evolves, you could perceive some inherent conflicts between the CMIO and CIO.
Thin sections (60-70 nm) were cut, stained with urany 1 acetate and alkaline lead citrate for 1 min and observed under a Philips CM10 transmission electron microscope at an operative voltage 80 KV) Netherlands.
To obtain profiles of Protein G--captured proteins, we applied eluates to a CM10 array equilibrated with 0.
The Introduction of the CM10 Chip Inductor and SRR0603 and SRR0604 Power
02% Triton X-100 (for CM10 arrays) followed by application of 2 [micro]L sample extract on ProteinChip arrays, which were incubated at room temperature for 90 min in a humidity chamber.
The 6 fractions were applied to CM10 (weak cation-exchange) and IMAC30-Cu (immobilized metal affinity capture) arrays in 96-sample bioprocessors (Ciphergen Biosystems).