CM10Counting Method Times 10
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Other binding conditions for the CM10 chip could have been used, as well as other chip types, but this was not pursued further as obtaining protein identification from a SELDI-TOF MS peak proved challenging.
Thin sections were examined under a Philips CM10 TEM after poststaining with uranyl acetate and lead hydroxide.
The team has released the latest build of CM10.1 for Android devices.
One main advantage provided by the CM10 is his ability to elucidate the end-point of refinements to both clinicians and administration.
Fuel aging tests (figure 5c) were conducted in Fuel C, CE10 and CM10 at 23[degrees]C for 70 hours to determine the impact of loading.
Brian Patty CM10 and team lead of HealthEast Care System, which won top honors, explains the goals and challenges of his organization's initiative to leverage clinical IT to drive quality at his organization.
After negative staining with 2% sodium phosphotungstate (pH 6.8), samples were examined by using a Philips CM10 electron microscope.
Ultra-thin sections cut with a Supernova ultramicrotome (Reickert Jung Vienna, Austria) were collected on copper grids, stained with uranyl acetate and lead citrate and then photographed using a Philips CM10 electron microscope (TEM; Philips Scientifics Eindhoven, The Netherlands).
Nanocomposite materials were examined and imaged using a Phillips CM10 transmission electron microscope operating at 100 kV equipped with an AMT 2 mega-pixel camera.
We loaded 139 serum samples in duplicate on weak cation-exchange ProteinChip (CM10) arrays and collected 278 spectra.