CM5Championship Manager 5 (video game)
CM5Connection Machine 5
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The paper reports findings about a wide range of personality attributes, assessed through five different inventories: the California Personality Inventory (CPI), the Occupational Personality Questionnaire Concept Model 5.2 (OPQ CM5.2), the 32-scale Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32n), the inventory of Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour (FIRO-B) and the Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI).
SPR analysis confirmed binding of STX to the CM5 chip with the present methodology, presenting a stable signal of a 560 RU differential after binding.
The points of QRS onset, the minimum dV/dt of the QRS and the maximum dV/dt in the T wave on ECG were determined automatically by our computer system from CM5 lead ECG.
CM5 S98: Arrecife de Uvas, -2 m, 6000gr, 100% muerto sin recubrimiento.
To ensure that the CM4.2 questionnaire provides the same results, a further sample of 179 human resource professionals from a wide variety of UK organizations completed both the CM4.2 and CM5.2 questionnaires.
NPAC's machines include: a CM5, an Intel Touch-Stone, an Ncube, two DECmpp's, an IBM SP-1 and workstation clusters.
C3b and C3d were immobilized to the flow cells of carboxylated dextran CM5 sensor chips (Biacore) by the standard amine coupling procedure according to manufacturer's protocol to achieve a coupling signal of ~5000 resonance units.
The CM or non-CM peptide was immobilized on a CM5 (dextran matrix) chip of the BIAcore apparatus.
Currently, its Parallel Computing Laboratory houses a Maspar MP1 and a TMC CM5. The Institute receives significant support from the state of Maryland and from various granting agencies and companies.
A real-time biospecific interaction analysis was performed using BIAcore 1000 (Pharmacia Biosensor) with CM5 sensor chips.
The CM5 workload ability of a few Sun servers is small compared to a true supercomputer and to begin to balance the computer for general utility would require several disks at each node.