CMABCalifornia Milk Advisory Board
CMABConfiguration Management Application Block (computer programming)
CMABCollege of Medicine Administration Building (University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA)
CMABCampus Ministry Advisory Board (Creighton Preparatory School; Omaha, NE)
CMABCentral MN (Minnesota) Arts Board (Foley, MN)
CMABClothing Maintenance Allowance, Basic
CMABComplaints Management and Adjudication Branch (US NIH)
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In the context of other economically detrimental threats, the CMAB recently reported that ten percent of California dairies have been economically forced to fold (CMAB, 2014).
Regional trade groups like CMAB are pushing the program as well.
In a letter to CMAB, a commercial station in Pinar del Rio, the Director of Radio reminded the recipients that if the station wanted to broadcast "actos publicos" or any kind of public event, they needed to submit a written request no less than twenty-four hours in advance, including details about the station, the event itself, the place, day and time of broadcast (APPR, Fondo CMAB, Correspondencia Recibida, 7 May, 1941).
But there are only two claims made in the CMAB spots - California has great cheese and content cows - and both would be hard to disprove.
Entertaining television commercials are vital to the success of commodity sales, but CMAB was roundly criticized for presenting an unrealistic portrayal of modern dairy husbandry to the public ("Happy Cows," 2009; Meyer, 2009).
Take advantage of promotional materials and information provided by the various state organizations like the CMAB (www.
Additionally, CMAB spokewoman Nancy Fletcher says the Internet continues to be a valuable link for consumers looking to learn more about cheese.
The CMAB has developed courses on the development of flavor in cheese, the craft of aging cheese, the rising phenomenon of the cheese course in restaurants, and cooking with cheese.
The CMAB has put together a tasting table of California Cheeses and chocolates at RealCaliforniaCheese.
Reaching out directly to retailers, CMAB will feature its "Street of California Cheese" at Dairy-Deli-Bake in New Orleans (see Show Planner on page 56) where Golden State processors will be sampling cheeses, yogurts, butter and other dairy products, as well as offering pairing ideas for dairy and deli managers to increase sales.
Its "Real California Cheese" seal, now found in many of the country's leading supermarket chains, is a focal point of an ongoing major joint cheese and wine promotion between CMAB and Mirassou Wines.