CMAHCytidine Monophospho-N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Hydroxylase
CMAHCINC Mobile Alternate HQ (US DoD)
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To test the feasibility of using these knockout cell enrichment approaches for pig fibroblast cells, we used ZFNs targeting CMAH exon 6 (Figure 1a) and surrogate reporters containing either the eGFP gene alone (eGFP reporter) or eGFP and a truncated H-2Kk surface marker (MACS reporter), whose expression in cells can be recovered by a ZFN-induced frameshift mutation in CMAH.
Researchers compared two groups of mice: one with a functional CMAH gene, the other with an altered CMAH gene similar to the human mutation.
However, only mice with the CMAH gene mutation experienced pancreatic beta cell failure - the cells that make and release insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar levels.