CMAPChicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (Chicago, IL)
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CMAPConference Manager Access Protocol
CMAPCompound Muscle Action Potential (aka Compound Motor Action Potential; neurophysiology)
CMAPCharacter Map
CMAPCancer Molecular Analysis Project (US NIH)
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CMAPClimate Modeling, Analysis & Prediction (NSF)
CMAPCoherent Multiarray Processing
CMAPCombat Military Appreciation Process (Australian Army)
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CMAP is empowered to prioritize projects, which determines their eligibility for federal funds.
2006, 2005), CMap, and Tox21, to verify the consistency of results and expand the interpretation of findings.
The best treatment effects, expressed by DML reduction and CMAP increase, were reported in people aged < 50 (Table 3).
The Nerve conduction study of peripheral nerves involves the transcutaneous stimulation of motor or sensory nerves and recording of the elicited action potentials in the muscle (CMAP) and the sensory nerve (SNAP).
However, few studies have investigated the process of applying Cmap to vocabulary and reading learning by making a book using digital methods.
Significant CMAP decrement by repetitive nerve stimulation is more frequent in median than ulnar nerves of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
For the ulnar motor CMAP, the active recording electrode was placed over the belly of the abductor digiti minimi (ADM) midway between the distal wrist crease and the base of digit V.
During the second portion of our study (when we were using a 20 Hz low filter setting) identification of an abnormal distal CMAP duration followed a previously proposed definition (16).
1998 [15] Present study Right side Moto 3.1[+ or -]0.3 2.9[+ or -]0.58 rmedian 11.1[+ or -]2.8 11.72[+ or -]5.22 56.5[+ or -]3.5 52.58[+ or -]6.62 Motor ulnar 2.4[+ or -]0.3 2.07[+ or -]0.44 9.2[+ or -]2.2 10.02[+ or -]3.22 60.4[+ or -]5.2 53.28[+ or -]6.62 Nerve Present study Left side Moto 2.88[+ or -]0.61 rmedian 12.32[+ or -]5.44 52.48[+ or -]5.92 Motor ulnar 2.11[+ or -]0.52 9.8[+ or -]2.88 52.18[+ or -]5.32 DML: Distal motor latency, CMAP: Compound muscle action potential, CMAPA: Compound motor action potential amplitude, MNCV: Motor nerve conduction velocity, CV: Conduction velocity
The CMAP amplitudes reported in the fourth paragraph of the Rats for Hemisection section were incorrect.
The maximal compound motor action potential (CMAP) is obtained by supramaximal stimulation of the peroneal nerve at the lower limbs and of the ulnar nerve at the upper limbs, with constant current square waves at the fibular head site and from the wrist site, respectively.
When the cmap assignment was introduced about two weeks into the semester, students were divided into teams of three or four and were given a description of and a rationale for the concept mapping project, and the rubric.