CMAPSCounter Man-Portable Air Defense System
CMAPSConfidential Medical and Personal Statement (Public Sector Superannuation Scheme; Australia)
CMAPSContract Maintenance Accounting and Production System
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In addition, electrodiagnostic findings showed asymmetric muscle denervation, reduced CMAPs, and preserved SNAPs.
Compatible with these findings, low amplitude CMAPs in distal muscles of lower limbs were elicited in nerve conduction studies.
Evaluation of CMAPs. Peak-to-peak amplitudes were measured for both the flexor and extensor.
The set-up of MUNE was identical to CMAPs. MUNE [Figure 1]c was performed by the standard incremental method after careful training.
Nerve conduction times and CMAPs of each stimulation were recorded bilaterally in this group [Table 1] and [Table 2], no statistically significant was found between right and left arms.
The amplitudes of CMAPs recorded from the upper and the lower segments of the right trapezius muscle were decreased.
Laboratory testing is frequently normal or nonspecific except for electrophysiologic studies which typically demonstrated reduced compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitudes, and features consistent with acute and chronic denervation in affected muscle (5-8).
* The quantitative and qualitative results in the logs indicated learning behaviors such as what (contents), how (learning behaviors), how often (frequency) students used or learned specific words and how they created their own Cmaps to learn or to draw the plot of an essay or a novel.
In electrophysiological studies of our patients NCS of median and ulnar nerves were normal, while decreased CMAP in 14 (58%) cases.
Figure 9: Amplitude (a) and latency (b) of CMAPs before and after the additional C2 hemisection performed on the C2 rat group.
At the conclusion of two semesters, a total of 15 teams' cmaps were collected.
This study identified that IENFD weakly correlated with the MCV and proximal and distal CMAPs of the tibial nerve.