CMARConstruction Manager At Risk (construction contracting practice)
CMARCry Me A River
CMARCell Matrix Adhesion Regulator
CMARCertified Manager of Animal Resources (certification; American Association for Laboratory Animal Science)
CMARConsumer Marketing at Retail
CMARCollaborative Mobile Augmented Reality
CMARConfiguration Management Accounting Report
CMARCoastal Maritime Archaeological Resources (organization)
CMARComputer-generated Medication Administration Record
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We are in favor of this as a process, we just want it to be done correctly," Fowler said, adding that further regulating design-build and CMAR contracts in the state is "good policy for the stewardship of our public dollars.
John Kuempel, R-Seguin, which looks to further restrict how CMAR contracts are awarded, with the goal of preventing affiliated companies from receiving both the design and building contracts.
The Hemphill Street Connector project is a $12 million CMAR project that includes the construction of a roadway and pedestrian pathway tunnel underneath Interstate Highway 30 and a new rail bridge to support four existing Union Pacific Rail Road lines.
However, yield decrease of CMAR has been reported by many researchers, which is a key restriction to the well-known implementation of aerobic rice technology(Nishizawa et al.
In its report Cannondale asserts that successful CMAR is based on insights based on all three planes of the Discovery Pyramid--consumer insights, shopper insights and partner insights.
Cannondale's latest category management benchmarking effort found that a wide range of retail channels is now embracing the practice of CMAR, and that alternative players are witnessing strong returns as a result.
1997) A few accurate and effective classifiers based on associative classification have been presented in last few years, such as CMAR (Li, et al.
Table III summarizes the event study results for the CMAR methodology.
As mentioned above, the scope of CMAR goes well beyond the product category to encompass an aisle, a section or a selling occasion.
Cannondale Associates asked more than 300 manufacturers and retailers what category management and its evolution into CMAR (consumer marketing at retail) might look like in 10 years.
This consultation concerns the supply and installation of equipment and teaching materials on two construction sites of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Hauts-de-France Region (hereinafter the CMAR ) URMA Bruay-sur-Scheldt and Eurartisanat Lille