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JCOE in turn tasked a CMATT from Fort Bragg to assist the brigade.
Figure 2 lists the individual and special equipment training provided by the JCOE and CMATT.
The output of the initial IPR was a memorandum of understanding between the 130th Engineer Brigade, JCOE, and CMATT that laid out all areas of training and resourcing responsibility.
Finally, the white cell used this phase to run convoy live-fire for the battalion, after which the white cell transitioned to setting up the STX lanes with the assistance of the CMATT trainers.
The successful lane training was the result of combined brigade headquarters and CMATT trainer OC efforts.
particular, CMATT says it has been "ruthless in the selection of
Interview, CMATT, CPA HQ, Baghdad, 23 January 2004.
LT Shane Rice, from Naval Station Training Center Great Lakes, Ill., to CMATT Baghdad, Personnel Plans Officer
CMATT's mission is to equip and train the new 27 battalion-strong Iraqi Army.
CMATT was located in a palace once occupied by one of Saddam Hussein's sons, Uday.
The CMATT logistics team quickly flooded every possible marketplace with requirements, overwhelming both domestic and foreign sources.
Restrictions such as the Barry Amendment, restrictions on non-coalition members, and numerous FAR requirements resulted in many challenges for meeting CMATT's aggressive schedule to rebuild the Iraqi Army by Sept.