CMAVCentre Méridional de l'Architecture et de la Ville (French: Southern Center for Architecture and the City)
CMAVControlled Movement Area Violation (aviation)
CMAVChambre de Métiers et de l'Artisanat de la Vienne (French: Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Vienna)
CMAVContinuous Maintenance Availability (US Navy)
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For this CMAV, getting parts, shore power, and funding is a big deal.
Also during her CMAV, Shiloh hosted a guided tour attended by the Swedish ambassador to Singapore, Hakan Jevrell, and several members of Sweden's parliament.
A CMAV, on the other hand, is a two-to-three-week period between operational commitments, in which maintenance items needed to meet those commitments are completed.
Now let's compare this process with how you prepare for a CMAV. A good safety officer plans an in-brief for the maintenance team to get together and discuss the work to be accomplished over the next two to three weeks.
At the end of each VRP or CMAV, the workforce, both military and civilian, deployed in support of the SSGN's deployed maintenance period returns home with many thanks from the crew of the submarine that they "kept on the road." While many Sailors within the Navy are aware of the SSGN's capabilities, few in the Navy, and even within the submarine fleet know the "how, who, and what" makes them go while they are away from homeport.
Homeported submarines will conduct short, unscheduled VR availabilities and will undergo scheduled Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAV) three times a year, with numerous jobs that have accumulated will require the unit to remain under the assistance of Frank Cable for a 30 to 40-day period.
From FY10 to FY12, there was an inverse proportion in the number of scheduled XAZ Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAVs) versus inefficient XCM Windows of Opportunity (WOO) maintenance availabilities.