CMAVECenter for Medical, Agricultural, and Veterinary Entomology (USDA ARS Research Center)
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In laboratory tests, scientists used SGHV-infected house flies collected from livestock farms in Denmark and a strain of Florida house fly--"Orlando normal"--reared at CMAVE.
Much of the DWFP research takes place in the Mosquito and Fly Research Unit at CMAVE, where research leader Gary Clark; entomologists Dan Kline, Jerry Hogsette, Chris Geden, and James Becnel; and Bernier evaluate insecticides in the later stages of development and design innovative technology to fight biting insects and other pests.
In addition, Oi and CMAVE colleagues Sanford Porter and Steven Valles were able to get K.
invictae--alone or in combination--are associated with localized declines of 53-100 percent in fire ant populations in Argentina," says CMAVE entomologist David Oi.
One of them, Thelohania solenopsae, is being investigated by CMAVE scientists David Oi and Steven Valles and by Juan Briano at ARS's South American Biological Control Laboratory (SABCL) in Hurlingham, Argentina.
Jerry Hogsette, an entomologist at CMAVE, will do the same for house flies, which spread a variety of diarrheal agents.
A third approach the CMAVE scientists are taking to limit or eliminate pesticide use is to gain a better understanding of juvenile hormone agonists--substances that mimic the action of the hormone.
CMAVE researchers were the first to discover Thelohania solenopsae in the United States in 1996.
is in the USDA-ARS Crop Genetics and Environmental Research Unit, CMAVE, 1700 SW 23rd Drive, Gainesville, FL 32608; phone (352) 392-8194, fax (352) 392-6139, e-mail lhajr@mail.
The biggest problem with traps is relating trap catch to the population density,' says Epsky, who works at CMAVE.