CMBBZCentral Metasedimentary Belt Boundary Zone (geology)
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Over the next decade, approximately 1000 road cuts, mines and test pits in the Central Metasedimentary Belt (CMB) and Central Metasedimentary Belt Boundary Zone (CMBBZ) of the Grenville across southern Quebec, southeastern Ontario and northwestern New York State were examined.
The Central Metasedimentary Belt Boundary Zone (CMBBZ) separates the CMB from the Central Gneiss Belt (CGB) to the west; its eastern border is defined by the Carthage-Colton mylonite zone and Labelle shear zone.
Natrolite is frequently encountered in the nepheline-bearing metasediments, pegmatitic segregations in nepheline gneiss and nepheline syenite deposits that parallel the CMBBZ. Much of the altered nepheline from these deposits that was formerly called "hydronephelite" is in fact natrolite (Edgar, 1965; Moyd, 1990).