CMBFC-Module-Binding Factor
CMBFClub Mercedes-Benz France (French automobile club)
CMBFCortical Microvascular Blood Flow (neuroscience)
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A tectonic break named the Central Maine boundary fault (CMBF) by Ludman (1983) separates the Aroostook-Matapedia and Central Maine sequences locally in the Lincoln area in east-central Maine (Figs.
The current contact drawn as CMBF resulted from a complex sequence of Acadian and post-Acadian events.
Their similar deformation sequences and timing, lithofacies disruption and juxtaposition, and geographic relationships suggest that the composite, multi-phase CMBF and Athens thrust/Garland fault complex are connected, as shown in Figure 11.
A further success for CMBF was that their new two-piece Ferrolite food can gained a silver medal in the awards.