CMBVCentre de Musique Baroque de Versailles (French: Center of Baroque Music Versailles; Versailles, France)
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The CD notes by CMBV musicologist Thomas Leconte are excellent and give much insight into Campra and his repertoire.
uk/ (Stainer) CMBV Versailles: Editions du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles http://www.
1587-after 1642) in the CMBV Cahiers de musique series, as well as a newly issued large collection of Boesset's sacred works edited by Peter Bennett and published by A-R Editions (Sacred Music, Recent Researches in the Music of the Baroque Era, 164-65 [Middleton, WI: A-R Editions, 2010]) all adding substantially to the modest list of modern editions available to the scholar and musician for French sacred music from the early seventeenth century.
The Cahiers de musique series of the CMBV presents performance editions that provide limited information to the scholar.
The catalog of the CMBV now includes grands motets in full score by most of these leading figures, including Jean Veillot, Michel-Richard de Lalande, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Andre Campra, and others.