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CMBXCommercial Mortgage Backed Securities Index
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May: The value of the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas, which backs a $65.2 million CMBX 6 loan, reduced by almost 80%.
(34.) Staff Report, Clearinghouse Reveals CMBX Contract Volumes, COMMERCIAL Real Estate Direct (Nov.
At pH = 8 glucuronoxylan CMBX contained 2.72 mmol/g of deprotonated carboxyl groups, which was four times more than that in BX, whereas the amount of deprotonated groups in arabinoxylan CMOX was 2.19 mmol/g, which was 8.7 times more than that in OX.
The surface morphologies of those films prepared from nonmodified (BX and OX) and carboxymethylated (CMBX and CMOX) xylans were investigated by AFM.
4 that there were no remarkable differences between the surface morphologies of films made from nonmodified (BX) and those from carboxymethylated (CMBX) xylans, which was also shown by their root mean-squared roughness (Table 3).
Obviously, in the case of CMBX, the majority of charge was distributed within the inner part of the film, whereas in the case of, CMOX much more in the (10 nm) surface layer.
In both cases (CMBX and CMOX), the dispersive Lifshitz-van der Waals contributions ([[gamma].sup.LW.sub.S]) were lower (24.58 [+ or -] 1.53 for CMBX and 21.69 [+ or -] 0.7 for CMOX) and the electron donor contribution higher (30.78 [+ or -] 2.82 for CMBX and 41.11 [+ or -] 1.62 for CMOX), in comparison with the nonmodified xylan films.
In the case of the CMBX film, the surface carbon fraction belonging to the O=C-O groups was higher by about 13%, and the carbon fraction belonging to the C-OH bonds was higher by about 30%.
Using CBRE/TWR's commercial real estate market forecasts and New York-based Moody's Investors Service's Commercial Mortgage Metrics (CMM), the report found that current CMBX (CMBS) spreads have substantially overestimated potential default and loss rates, exceeding the realistic forecasts by as much as three times.
CMBX tranches rated "A" and above are particularly undervalued from a credit performance perspective, noted the report.