CMC2Countermeasure Command and Control
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Caption: Figure 4: Correlation, RMSE, and NSE for three months' accumulated predicted versus observed precipitation for the NMME ensemble, CFSV2, CMC1, CMC2, GFDL, NASA, and NCAR models for Northern Figure 2(a) and Central Israel Figure 2(b).
The CMC2 baseline surveys collected data from 111 physicians and 3,172 patients; in CMC3, 80 physicians and 3,188 patients were included in the baseline data.
We used a dichotomous measure of such discussion, based on the following question in the patient survey: "Did Dr.-- (last name of study physician) ever talk to you about--(the Fecal Occult Blood Test or FOBT/sigmoidoscopy/mammogram/the Prostate Antigen Test or PSA)?" In CMC3, the question on physician discussion of PSA was only asked if the patient reported ever had a PSA test, making it incompatible with the measure in CMC2 and those of other cancer screening discussion.
These patient profiles suggest a patient population diverse in racial/ethnic composition and SES: Hispanic patients accounted for 21 percent of the colorectal cancer (CRC) screening sample, reflecting both the ethnic composition in Southern California and the oversampling of Hispanic physicians in CMC2; each level of education had adequate representation in the sample that ranged from 19 percent for the group with less than high school education to 30 percent for college graduates.
Regarding discussion of a PSA test among male patients in CMC2, the base model indicated a 19 percentage point lower (overall) rate of discussion reported by Asian patients compared with whites (p<.01).
If the translator uses CMC2 (non-shared part) as an organizing framework in translation, version b)s will be chosen in the above ten examples.
These included mite-resistant backcrosses carrying Cmc1 and Cmc2 plus their mite susceptible recurrent parent Norstar.
The reverse order was noted in the incidence of severe WSM symptoms (Nst*5/Cmc2<Nst*5/ Cmc1 <Norstar) although the difference between Nst*5/ Cmc2 and Nst*5/Cmc1 was not significant.
(1999) reported that strains of the WCM, which could overcome the mite resistance conferred by Cmc1 and Cmc2 were common in counties in Kansas as well as in five U.S.
PI 222655 43a([dagger]) 6c 66a 47a 25b ACPGR 16635 (Cmc1) 10bc 55a 17d 14c 5d PI 525452 (Cmc2) 15b 70a 26c 33b 15c TA 920 10bc 21bc 35b 17c 1d KS96WGRC40 2c 22bc 18d 14c 1d PI 475772 1c 21bc 67a 53a 2d TAM 107 3c 30b 69a 57a 2d Larned 47a 71a 74a 57a 42a ([dagger]) Means (three tests) within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different (P = 0.05).
Wheat lines having the genes Cmc1 and Cmc2 were resistant to all collections except those from Nebraska.
The 1994 Texas collection was virulent to ACPGR 16635 (Cmc1) and PI 525452 (Cmc2) and avirulent to PI 222655, PI 475772 and TAM 107, but the opposite was recorded for WCMs collected from Texas in 1996 (Table 3).