CMCDCenter for Managing Chronic Disease (University of Michigan)
CMCDConsistency Management Cooperative Discipline (education)
CMCDCurrent Mode Class D (amplifier type)
CMCDCIDSC Master Configuration Document
CMCDCountermeasures Controller & Dispenser
CMCDCalcium-Mediated Cell Death
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Pearson's r indicated a correlation with ATTK, CMCD, and WMFB of 0.829, 0.740, and 0.841, respectively.
Regarding agility validity, the PoSMAT Protocol Suite was tested against the agility T-Test protocol and found that Pearson's r in correlation with ATTK, CMCD and WMFB were 0.863, 0.913, and 0.893, respectively.
Despite the narrow definition, most chronic mucocutaneous Candidiasis disease (CMCD) patients were reported to have further susceptibilities to noncandidal fungal and nonfungal infections and develop noninfectious findings such as autoimmunity, aneurysms, and cancer [1, 2].
The cause of the disease was found to be gain-of-function (GOF) mutation in transducer and activator of transcription 1 (STAT1) which was recently reported to lead to CMCD; the literature about STAT1 GOF mutations was also reviewed.
When the TdB was designed, the CMCD had not succeeded in involving either the departmental directors or the regional directors in proposing measures that they might then use.
The model template for the TdB (Table 2) initially was proposed by the director of the CMCD and mainly concerned financial performance.
Some schools in the Houston Independent School District chose this approach, initially implementing CMCD, an organizational and discipline program, and then, after the schools had developed the necessary capacity, adding a mathematics program that helped improve students' mathematics scores.7
Consistency Management and Cooperative Discipline (CMCD) is a schoolwide reform program designed to improve discipline in inner-city schools at all grade levels.