CMCDCenter for Managing Chronic Disease (University of Michigan)
CMCDConsistency Management Cooperative Discipline (education)
CMCDCurrent Mode Class D (amplifier type)
CMCDCIDSC Master Configuration Document
CMCDCountermeasures Controller & Dispenser
CMCDCalcium-Mediated Cell Death
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Pearson's r indicated a correlation with ATTK, CMCD, and WMFB of 0.
Regarding agility validity, the PoSMAT Protocol Suite was tested against the agility T-Test protocol and found that Pearson's r in correlation with ATTK, CMCD and WMFB were 0.
The model template for the TdB (Table 2) initially was proposed by the director of the CMCD and mainly concerned financial performance.
The tool proposed by the CMCD was viewed as inadequate for managers' decision making.
Nasopharyngeal swab specimens collected from all three patients admitted to CMCD were tested for influenza A and B antigens by either Directigen EZ Flu A+B rapid enzyme immunoassay (EIA) (BD [Becton, Dickinson, and Company], Sparks, Maryland), QuickVue Influenza A+B test (EIA) (Quidel, San Diego, California), or D3 Ultra direct fluorescent assay (Diagnostic Hybrids, Athens, Ohio).
Intravenous (IV) lorazepam and ceftriaxone were administered, and the patient was transferred to a CMCD intensive-care unit.
The main components or themes of CMCD, which exist at every school, are prevention, caring, cooperation, organization, and community.
CMCD Visual Symbols Library is the world's leading provider of royalty-free iconographic stock photography.
The originator of digital royalty-free stock photography, CMCD was founded in 1993 by design pioneer Clement Mok.
Supporting Cast: Individuals (Object Series 35), by creative director Clement Mok and CMCD, contains photographs of eccentric individuals that over-emphasize a large variety of idiosyncrasies to seize attention and really "stand out" from the crowd.
In addition, Mok continues as CEO of CMCD, which produces CD-based photo libraries distributed by PhotoDisc.
The NetObjects management team includes Samir Arora, chief executive officer, an industry veteran in information technology who spent several years in key management positions at Apple Computer, founded Rae Technology in 1992 and served as chief executive officer; Dave Kleinberg, EVP, Marketing and Sales, formerly a marketing and sales executive of Macromedia before founding Rae Technology, where he also led marketing and sales; and Clement Mok, chief creative officer, who is founder and Chairman of Clement Mok designs and founder and President of CMCD, a digital publishing company.