CMCEClean Money, Clean Elections (New York)
CMCECentre for Media and Culture in Education (University of Toronto; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CMCECommittee of Ministers of the Council of Europe
CMCECircuit Mode Control Entity (telecommunications)
CMCECre-Mediated Cassette Exchange
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Within CMCE, students are able to name issues impacting their
Further, CMCE emphasizes critical activism that centers on transforming
Teachers that use CMCE have a significant role and are essential in
from a CMCE framework to document the way teachers, students, and
The first four articles elucidate the manner in which CMCE is
CMCE is a good opportunity, but it is also a challenge and responsibility, the press- service of the Armenian Foreign Ministry reported.
CMCE Chairmanship is a challenge given that the European continent has faced many challenges that may impede the process
FORT WORTH, Texas -- Texas Pacific Group (TPG), the private equity investment partnership, today named Sharad Mansukani, MD, CPE, CMCE, as a consultant and senior advisor.
And when he couldn't find a website for CMCE, he immediately tracked down Haviv and offered to create one for free.
The CMCE makes learning come alive by integrating art, movement, meditation and cooperative learning into standard academic curricula.