CMCFCentral Mississippi Correctional Facility (Pearl, MS)
CMCFCommunications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia
CMCFCentral Minnesota Community Foundation (est. 1985; St. Cloud, MN)
CMCFCanberra Multicultural Community Forum (est. 2006; Australia)
CMCFCanadian Macromolecular Crystallography Facility (est. 1999; Canada)
CMCFComplete Hydatidiform Mole and Coexistent Fetus
CMCFCARICOM (Caribbean Community and Common Market) Multilateral Clearing Facility (est. 1977)
CMCFCentral Maryland Correctional Facility (Towson, MD)
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While the forum can take little credit for this initiative, which Dr Kindler had foreshadowed at its first meeting in October 2007, the representations that CMCF made early in 2007 to the Minister for Education about expanding and improving language programs may have assisted the Department's bid for extra funding to support the plan.
The CMCF Cosmetology Program is a 1,500-hour course that takes about 18 months to complete.
Since its inception in February 1992, the CMCF Cosmetology Program has graduated 111 students.
Last year, the CMCF Cosmetology Program was awarded first place in the practical exam, second place in the composite score and fourth place in the state and national cosmetology written exam administered by the board.
Rachel Thornton, who initiated the cosmetology program at CMCF, is like a proud mom.
A program such as the CMCF Cosmetology Program, with all its awards and accolades, is nothing without the inherent concern for the individual student.
Using designs assembled by CMCF inmates, female inmates model clothing they produced in the industrial sewing class.
To date, the recidivism rate for those inmates who completed the cosmetology program at CMCF is 3 percent, compared with a 32 percent overall recidivism rate of offenders in Mississippi.
CMCF is used to provide fast liquid acquisition and distribution in absorbent products for the infant and adult hygiene markets.
An independent body under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), CMCF is tasked with enforcing the Communications and Multimedia Content Code in the country.