CMCICable Modem to Cpe Interface
CMCIConstant Maturity Commodity Index (investing)
CMCIChakrabarti Management Consultancy, Inc. (Oakton, VA)
CMCICable Modem to CPE Interface (Sprint)
CMCIConcentrate Manufacturing Company of Ireland (PepsiCo, Inc.)
CMCICorrectable Machine Check Interrupt
CMCICouncil-Certified Moisture Control Investigator (American Council for Accredited Certification)
CMCIComputer and Math Citation Index
CMCIConstruction Material Chemical Industries (Saudi Arabia manufacturer of construction chemicals)
CMCICM Consulting and Investigations (Baku, Azerbaijan)
CMCICare Management Change Initiative
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As LGUs in the region have been gaining multiple recognitions and awards in the national competitiveness rankings, the agency already made plans on elevating next year's round of CMCI Survey,' Director Maria Belenda Q.
Today, it is not unusual for me to meet a mayor who introduces his or her city by rank in our CMCI.
a division of Interpublic Corporation, and ICAST Corporation, a part of CMCI, the giant Internet group.
In comparison, the UBS Bloomberg CMCI is composed of futures contracts on 28 physical commodities and buys and sells contracts with maturities of three months and, for some commodities, up to three years.
When the CMCI was launched in 2013, there were only 285 LGUs that participated, equivalent to about 27 percent of the total LGUs in the country.
Some of Sapin customers include Nestle, Fonterra (SNZMP), Kraft Foods, Reckitt Benckiser, Jotun, Heinz, Al Jazeera, Hempel, Sidco, PPG, Akzo Nobel, Berger, Dulux, Sika, Fuchs, Nutridar, CMCI and Best Foods.
Bariq Mining, a junior mining company not as heavily burdened with bureaucracy and overheads as the major companies, is 50 percent owned by the Australian Citadel Resource Group and 50 percent by CMCI of Alkhobar.
Standard and custom modular winding and fiberplacement machines have four to six axes of control, brushless d-c servo motors on all axes, and CMCI PC-based computer control as standard.
In other transactions, ICAST Corporation, a part of CMCI, the giant Internet Group, has leased the building's entire 30,000 square-foot 8th floor.
Similar to the Global Competitiveness Reports, CMCI serves as a diagnostic tool for local governments to see how they measure up with a broad range of activities and sectors in economic dynamism (size and growth of the local economy, and capacity to generate employment), government efficiency (economic governance score in the Local Governance Performance Management System and security) and infrastructure (existing road network and health infrastructure) as shown in the table on CMCI indicators (See Table 2.
The Department of Trade and Industry, in partnership with the National Competitiveness Council(NCC) recognized the local government units in the Cordillera region that performed well in the 2016 NCC Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index or CMCI in an awarding ceremony at Albergo Hotel here, Thursday.