CMCMComprehensive Medicaid Case Management
CMCMCritical Measurements and Countermeasures Program
CMCMChisos Mining Co. Motel (Terlingua, TX)
CMCMConfederation de la Cooperation, de la Mutualite et du Credit Maritimes (French: Confederation of Cooperation, Self-aid and Maritime Credit)
CMCMMaster Chief Construction Mechanic (Naval Rating)
cMCMCanine Monocyte Conditioned Medium
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1987], the CMCM [Lins 1987], the Tim [Fairbairn and Wray 1987], the Zam [Leroy 1990], the G-machine [Johnson 1987], and the Krivine-machine [Cregut 1991].
CMCM holds public events, lobbies government officials, and participates in the international campaign to ban landmines.
The CMCM is a comprehensive solution delivering mobile services that unites customer communication, community creation and customer analytics.
DC Godoy, WC Spiri and CMCM Juliani assisted in the data discussion and elaboration of the paper.