CMCMCeramic Multi Chip Module
CMCMComprehensive Medicaid Case Management
CMCMCritical Measurements and Countermeasures Program
CMCMChisos Mining Co. Motel (Terlingua, TX)
CMCMConfederation de la Cooperation, de la Mutualite et du Credit Maritimes (French: Confederation of Cooperation, Self-aid and Maritime Credit)
CMCMMaster Chief Construction Mechanic (Naval Rating)
CMCMCanine Monocyte Conditioned Medium
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IBS scientists grew graphene on copper using a technigue previously invented by Prof Rodney S Ruoff, director of the CMCM and Professor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), and transferred either one or two atom-thick layers of graphene onto both sides of rectangular pieces of glass.
Form II is also classified into two: "limit-ordered Form II" [C222.sub.1] and "limit-disordered Form II" Cmcm (16).
The new mineral is orthorhombic, with space group Cmcm. Unit cell dimensions are: a = 12.501(8), b = 5.846(3), c = 9.443(5) [Angstrom], V = 690.1(7) [[Angstrom].sup.3], Z = 4.
Acknowledgements: Mississippi NSF-EPSCoR "Innovations through Computational Sciences" Award (EPS-0556308); CMCM (W912HZ-04-2-0002); and RCMI Center for Environmental Health (NIH-NCRR G12RR13459-09)
1987], the CMCM [Lins 1987], the Tim [Fairbairn and Wray 1987], the Zam [Leroy 1990], the G-machine [Johnson 1987], and the Krivine-machine [Cregut 1991].
In Mozambique, the coalition of national and international organizations addressing the issues of landmines is called the Mozambican Campaign Against Landmines (the acronym in Portuguese is CMCM).
(NYSE: CMCM), a mobile Internet company with global market coverage, has announced its unaudited consolidated financial results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 31, 2018, the company said.
Cheetah Mobile (CMCM) downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Nomura Instinet with analyst Carson Lo saying as a result of the negative publicity accusing Cheetah of engaging in fraudulent click injection, some overseas partners of Cheetah have suspended their businesses with the company.
(NYSE: CMCM) has announced total revenues increased by 9.7% year over year and 7.8% quarter over quarter to RMB1,128.3 million (USD169.2 million), the company said.
Crystallography: Orthorhombic, Cmcm, a 6.031, b 8.945, c 13.219 A, V 713.1 [A.sup.3] Z 4, a:b:c = 0.6742:1:1.4778.